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Admin System Problem
I am running a test site using php-fusion 7.02.07 and recently (this past week), when I click on the Infusions icon under the Admin System all I get is a blank blue screen. I can't infuse or defuse any infusions since I can't see the list of infusions. If I click the Infusions tab in the Admin Panel, all of the infusions are visible.

Can anyone give me a hint at what might be causing this problem?

If it used to work and it suddenly has stopped working, there must be a reason. Something must have changed, as it is unlikely that a "blue screen" comes out of the blue.

If you haven't changed anything in your code, it could be your host, who have updated. Another PHP version or something like that?
Thanks for your response is not the blue screen of death, it is the screen of the Arise theme. I have been deleting infusions to see if one of them is the problem, but so far nothing is working.
Focus on what has changed - red, blue or whatever - it seems like something is not how it use to be - the question is what is changed. Changes rarely happens out of the blue
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